Friday, November 13, 2009

Poster Project - Family Culture (poster sample download now online)

Dear Parents,

Your child has been assigned a poster project for Social Studies, due on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Recently, the children researched their family culture and recorded information on a two-page handout. I was very impressed by the level of detail recorded by the students. This information will now be presented in poster form. The goal is to complete the assignment at a high level of detail, finish and creativity but also for the students to enjoy themselves and the process.

The students have seen examples of completed, quality posters from past years. These samples will be available to view on this website a.s.a.p. The samples need not be strictly followed--they just give the idea of the level of quality and detail that should be aimed for.

This project is expected to be done at home, as our classroom time together is limited. Below is a copy of the marksheet for you to refer to, to clarify expectations.

The poster should be completed on a large piece of poster paper, available at most Dollar Stores. As noted, the children are encouraged to be creative in their presentation. They are encouraged to include pictures, text boxes, drawings, decorations and other items that represent them and highlight cultural details of their family.

A note: please make sure that your child does most of the work for the project themselves. It is, of course, perfectly fine to encourage them and occasionally assist them to do their best quality of work (ie. use of ruler, careful writing and colouring, etc..) and feel free to assist them in their understanding of what culture is. Thank you! :-)

You can download a sample poster in PDF form here. This is a basic sample. It is by no means intended to be the only way to complete the project--just to give a general idea.

Please send any questions my way in your child's planner or use the email link on this page.
Many thanks,
Geoff Westby